Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Game Dev Diary

          I'm currently in the process of devoting one of my days to work on learning java but, I've been having some problems finding Tutorials on java Game development but i'm not having a lot of success. I did manage to find a book that's recommended called "Killer Game programming in Java" , Now there are a few problems I see with this book and one to me is pretty big. 

          First the book is outdated so java is now pass the version that you work with in the book that would not be a problem if not for the fact that java has different ways to do major things different like how to go about setting up a game loop, witch is big. It also goes from 2d beginner to 3d pretty fast so fast that it is clear the book is meant for 3d not 2d witch is that game breaker for me cause I don't intend on making a 3d game ever. 

         Now this seems to be a common theme for java learning materiel i.e. the fact that what you are learning from is very old if you google java tuts you will be meet with a ton of old forum post and youtube videos that don't go enough in deft , and when I say old I mean 2001. I have found only one java game tut that is done in java ver 1.8 . So what I decided to do is look for library's tutorials and I have found the way I think that anyone who is looking to program a game in java should search for and that is  libgdx google it for yourself I think I found my Xna for java. So for the next few weeks on java day I will be diving headfirst into libgdx.

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