Friday, November 7, 2014

Game Dev Diary

So for about a week I have been off of my learning scheduled for about 4 days now I have
 been working on a game library  for c# that can help we with utility's that I use almost in 
every game I make. I has a input class that handles gamepads,keyboards,and mouse.
Some of the things that are in it is the detecting a button click of any kind, a utility class 
that draws a hitbox around a given sprite,and some other things.

Now the that i'm prototyping is a top down shooter along the lines of a 
binding of isaac or a zelda the old one not the 3d new ones. The reason 
I'm making this is so I can learn some more simple Game mechanics with 
many different objects. Its going to have a border and exits and entrances that 
lead to new cells that are hopefully randomly generated. 

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