Friday, February 26, 2016

Just got done building the website for the 15thMEU. The 15thMEU is a ARMA 3 realism community.The website is coded in HTML5. If you want you can check out the website at  http://www.15thmeu.net/

Here are some Screen Shots of it:
15thMEU website that I built.

Monday, June 15, 2015

I have got to the point in the development of my tower defense game were I have added in each elements base level. What I mean by base level for example is the game will only have
Zombies,Walls and turrets but it will have more than one type of turret and more than one type of wall and more than one type of zombie.

All of the zombie types will come from the base zombie class just like the other elements. So in the end there will be some amount of zombies and some amount of walls that I will have in the game.The base classes for the gameObjects will have many different functions that will allow you to make a derived zombie that maybe has more hit power just by changing a const variable.

I have all of the hit boxes working for every gameobject in the game I have quite a few animations for the zombie which really is the only thing that needs real animations I really should try to get someone to do some different zombie animations for me because it's taking me quite a bit of time to get what I have done so far and I think that I really could make the game better if it was not for the dread that I have when I have to open up photoshop and start doing game art.

I believe that the next thing I will get to would be trying to refactor the code that I have already because believe it or not it might be up to about five thousand lines of code.It was not very hard to do but it did take a bit of research for me to do certain things like getting the rotation on the turrets right
and having the bullets go out of the turrets in the proper way.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

One of the games that I'm working on right now is a tower defence game with zombies. I feel like I'm coming at it from a unique perspective, instead of the enemy's being on a rail I will have them come from all directions and you would be defending A center point on the map. If the zombies reach the center point you lose.

Zombies should move towards the center and rotate if they are not facing the middle, they should
play animation when they are hit by something and they should have a certain amount of health so that when they get hit they lose health.
This is the first iteration
New art for zombie

This is some of the art that I made for the zombie tower defence game.
first iteration of turret

Zombie spriteSheet

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've added a few things to the top down shooter project. The first thing that I added was a bounding box to my whole sprite this will allowed me to use it as a hitbox. When the enemy fires at me if he hits the hit box anywhere then my player collision will be true.I also have another box thats red and that is the tile collision detection box.

Let me slow down for a second where did I get these colored boxes from, I have a library that I have built up over the years for anything that I feel like I could use in every game  that I  make and one of them is a utility class with a method that allows you to pass a rectangle too it and draw that rectangle with a transparent background and colored border of your choice.Also what size I want the border this really helps me visualize my collision boxes.With this it is pretty easy to draw my bounding boxes by just passing them to this static method which I call Drawborder().

So what I end up with is two rectangles in my player class one is the bounding box and the other is the tile collision box.The tile collision box is a little more complicated then the boundbox i'm not going to go though the whole process of how I got it but it consist of offsets and dividing the width
and some other stuff I would not let anybody feel like I did it the right way.

Zombie Shooter Prototype

Friday, November 7, 2014

Game Dev Diary

So for about a week I have been off of my learning scheduled for about 4 days now I have
 been working on a game library  for c# that can help we with utility's that I use almost in 
every game I make. I has a input class that handles gamepads,keyboards,and mouse.
Some of the things that are in it is the detecting a button click of any kind, a utility class 
that draws a hitbox around a given sprite,and some other things.

Now the that i'm prototyping is a top down shooter along the lines of a 
binding of isaac or a zelda the old one not the 3d new ones. The reason 
I'm making this is so I can learn some more simple Game mechanics with 
many different objects. Its going to have a border and exits and entrances that 
lead to new cells that are hopefully randomly generated. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Game Dev Diary

          I'm currently in the process of devoting one of my days to work on learning java but, I've been having some problems finding Tutorials on java Game development but i'm not having a lot of success. I did manage to find a book that's recommended called "Killer Game programming in Java" , Now there are a few problems I see with this book and one to me is pretty big. 

          First the book is outdated so java is now pass the version that you work with in the book that would not be a problem if not for the fact that java has different ways to do major things different like how to go about setting up a game loop, witch is big. It also goes from 2d beginner to 3d pretty fast so fast that it is clear the book is meant for 3d not 2d witch is that game breaker for me cause I don't intend on making a 3d game ever. 

         Now this seems to be a common theme for java learning materiel i.e. the fact that what you are learning from is very old if you google java tuts you will be meet with a ton of old forum post and youtube videos that don't go enough in deft , and when I say old I mean 2001. I have found only one java game tut that is done in java ver 1.8 . So what I decided to do is look for library's tutorials and I have found the way I think that anyone who is looking to program a game in java should search for and that is  libgdx google it for yourself I think I found my Xna for java. So for the next few weeks on java day I will be diving headfirst into libgdx.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Game Dev Diary

For most of the day today I just practice math.I worked from a book called 1001 basic Math Pre-Algebra Practice Problems for dummies.I also watched some videos about Pre-algebra on kahn.I'm going through this so I can brush up on my math skills so I can dive in to linear algebra for the purpose of learning it for 2D movement.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Game Dev Diary

I'm putting this dev diary out today cause I missed yesterday cause my internet went out
so now I have to put up two in one day. So basically yesterday I did some art practice.I made a
animated ball that comes into a scene and bounce's off the ground I would put it on the blog but you won't be able to see all the work that I did to get the animation working  but to get an Idea check
this video out animation. The animation that I did took up most of the work day I also played around
with some pixel art. and also draw the cover of the book martian by andy Weir.

This is my drawing of the cover.

The is the cover
by the way read the martian.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Work Diary

I started off the morning by watching some unity tutorials that are available here Unity Tuts, I made it to about the forth video in the series and stop for a bit to watch a rob miles video that he had on his youtube channel that was supposed to be about MonoGame but it ended up being mostly about Xna it did show how to download MonoGame. I did get something out of it he talked about using this method to get a string to be drawn in the center and I think I can use this type of function in something that I am working on at the moment.

If you don't know who rob miles is he writer and teacher an he writes some beginner game programming books that I read when I first started learning to program.He tends to use food a lot for some reason but whatever.At about 2:00 I got back on track with the unity Tuts picking up on video 5, I finished watching the tuts and also worked out for around 20 mins,I also worked on my unity project witch is a space shooter game and got a good amount done.

The Rob miles video

Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm in the process of learning Java because of the similarity to C#, also its ability to make android apps. While learning java I am amazed at how many books and tutorials I have read and seen that have not mentioned that fact that the two languages are almost the same.C# to me seems to be java with more concise syntax and maybe a few more bells and whistles. The code below is a example of what I mean anybody that knows a bit of c# should know what they are looking a right away.

This is a bit of code that makes a few windows appear with rectangles with different
levels of transparency.