Monday, June 15, 2015

I have got to the point in the development of my tower defense game were I have added in each elements base level. What I mean by base level for example is the game will only have
Zombies,Walls and turrets but it will have more than one type of turret and more than one type of wall and more than one type of zombie.

All of the zombie types will come from the base zombie class just like the other elements. So in the end there will be some amount of zombies and some amount of walls that I will have in the game.The base classes for the gameObjects will have many different functions that will allow you to make a derived zombie that maybe has more hit power just by changing a const variable.

I have all of the hit boxes working for every gameobject in the game I have quite a few animations for the zombie which really is the only thing that needs real animations I really should try to get someone to do some different zombie animations for me because it's taking me quite a bit of time to get what I have done so far and I think that I really could make the game better if it was not for the dread that I have when I have to open up photoshop and start doing game art.

I believe that the next thing I will get to would be trying to refactor the code that I have already because believe it or not it might be up to about five thousand lines of code.It was not very hard to do but it did take a bit of research for me to do certain things like getting the rotation on the turrets right
and having the bullets go out of the turrets in the proper way.

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